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Live Russian television. 30 days free full version. The software functions on popular TV boxes. The 30 most important
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Russia TV
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6 June 2015

Publisher's description

Russian Live online TV Player 30 days trial full version, suitable for TV Boxes.
Easy to handle Windows player.
High-quality live stream from the 30 most important Russian broadcasters.
Many useful functions, such as a volume controller, stop, rewind, fast-forward, enlarge image, full screen, etc...
Comprehensive television programming from the past 14 days as an archive. That means you can replay all broadcasts from the past two weeks.
There is no need for a PC/TV card, because the television channels are streamed through your Internet connection.
The software functions on popular TV boxes, and therefore can be used with all televisions. Remote control, using a wireless mouse, for example.
Includes a TV guide for the next three days, as well as for the past 14 days.
There is a convenient program search function according to keyword, actor, genre, etc. within the TV guide, from which you can play the videos directly. For example, you can run a keyword search for Harry Potter, sports, or news.
The Windows player also has a video recorder function. The videos can be exported there in MP4 format.
You have customer support by e-mail within 24 hours.
The first month is free of charge.
- Live television
- The software functions on popular TV boxes
- The most important Russian broadcasters
- Video recorder in MP4 format
- All broadcasts from the past 14 days
- TV guide for 17 days
- Convenient search function
- Functions such as volume controller, stop, rewind, fast-forward, enlarge screen, full screen, etc...

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